A Harvest

I was getting nervous—really nervous—that the few less-than-tasty tomatoes I had harvested were going to be all I had to show for my three tomato plants over at the Conservative Family place and the two more I have in buckets in front of our house.

It was making me quite sad, and Conservative Boy unhappy because that fellow needs his BLTs. And I was only slightly comforted by the fact that I learned many other gardeners in the area were dealing with late, far-from-stellar yields too.

But then, in the past week or two, I harvested this—not only tomatoes, but also lots of jalapeno peppers (anyone want some?) and even my first (and likely only) eggplant.

Plus I picked twice as many tomatoes again this past weekend (much redder than those few you see in the back above, by the way ... I got impatient).

It appears there's time yet to enjoy a tomato harvest, even if it is a bit smaller than usual and quite a bit delayed—a fact I write about in my most recent blog post for Natural Home magazine, by the way. (You can read it here.)

Also, Conservative Boy says he's making BLTs tonight while I'm at class. I just thought I'd throw it out there in case you're interested in joining him. He makes a mean BLT, a task I have officially passed on to him.

(Have I mentioned how picky he is about his BLTs? I have been told I can blame that on a few generations of Conservative and Not-So Conservative women.)

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