The Answer

I am here to reveal the answer to the riddle I posted the other day. In that post, I asked you to guess what you thought was going on in this photo:

A number of people guessed it involved giving Butter a bath or a doggie pedicure. Good answers, both. But wrong.

We farm the toenail clipping out because Butter won't stand to have it done (a dog with a nicked toe nail running hot laps in the living room is not a pretty sight, in case you're wondering).

And when it's bath time, Conservative Boy puts on a pair of old gym shorts and hops in the tub with Butter to get him good and clean. That would make for a good picture, now that I think about it. But remember how Conservative Boy said he'd sue me if I posted photos of him on here? I guess we'll have to pass on that one. I really don't want to get sued. I've heard he's mean in court.

Others wondered if this was how we forced Butter to take flea medication. I may consider this technique next time we have to give him medicine, but nope, that's not it either.

The real answer may be easier to guess with another shot. Here's Butter again.

And the person whose legs and arms you see is My Sister. She was engaging some doggie yoga in our basement. Or, more accurately, she was doing yoga and using Butter as a prop. Right here she was doing plow pose, only her arms were forward so she could pet Butter rather than behind her.

[Warning: Doggie modifications of plow should only be performed by professionals.]

Thanks for guessing. Come back and play again soon. In the meantime, I guess I get to keep Butter's slobbery kisses for myself.

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