A couple of weeks ago, we took our handsome little guy down to Florida to meet his great grandparents.

He was a terrific traveler on the way down and back, charming and chatting up everyone he might on all of his flights and smiling at just the right time at all the TSA agents and flight attendants. One passenger on our first flight, after seeing him in his shades, gave him the nickname "Hollywood." Can't say I blame him. He is a bit Hollywood.

Our trip to Florida ended up being quite an adventure, but the little man took every day in stride. Every time he saw Not-So-Conservative Grandmom or Conservative Granddad, he grinned and grinned and grinned. And for good reason! They're two very special people! (He was also a big fan of their little pooch, Cash, by the way.)
One of the highlights of the trip was taking Collin swimming for the first time.
He loved the water and floating around. Not surprisingly given his propensity for moving nonstop every second of the day, he kicked around like he was ready to take off swimming on his own.
 What an adorable little fishy, yes?

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