Planting Flowers (Finally)

Normally, the moment Mother's Day weekend rolls around I'm armed and ready to plant flowers.

Some years, it's hard for me to wait until Mother's Day, but I try my hardest to follow the rule around these parts that it's best to wait until then to plant.

This year, Mother's Day came and went at our house with nary a flower in sight. (Well, aside from all the perennials I planted in years past that now bloom each year without needing much of anything from me.)

It just seemed wrong to not have the planter box and pots filled with blooms.

Finally, this week I got everything planted.

And just in time for the flowers to languish in temps pushing 100 degrees this weekend. Wait a second. Multiple days of 90-plus-degree weather? This is August, right?

Nope, still May.

Alas, I'm ready to water diligently every day if I have to.

I wouldn't want all these lovely flowers to go to waste—particularly since they were my Mother's Day gift!

I tried some different blooms this year than I have used in years past. They're mixed in with old standbys, of course.

Can you spot the new additions?

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