Baby Food (Part 1)

Our little man started eating baby food a while ago. All the books and websites and doctors and random self-proclaimed baby experts disagree on when babies should start eating purees and such.

Some say four months. Some say six. Some say never. OK, not really never, but close.

We went ahead and decided to try rice cereal when Collin seemed like he was ready. That happened to be when he started getting hysterical at daycare when the other babies were fed rice cereal and when he tried to plop his face down in our plates when we were eating. He was about four and a half months at the time.

I figured we'd try a bite or two of rice cereal. If he spit it back out or didn't seem ready, we would wait a few weeks and try again.

Needless to say, that wasn't a concern. He basically grabbed the spoon out of my hand and shoved it in his mouth. He was definitely ready. He even tried to grab the entire container from me. I think he wanted to pour it straight down his throat. (It happened to be Easter Sunday, in case you're keeping a log of these milestones.)

Since then, we've followed the whole "rule" of introducing a new food every four or five days or so. Bananas. Sweet potatoes. Peas. Avocado. Pears. Zucchini. Apples. Oatmeal. We have yet to find a food he doesn't like.
And it's not just that he's likes food. He loves it. He devours four ounces at a meal, twice a day already. (Probably something else the "experts" would pooh-pooh, but whatever. I'll pooh-pooh them right back.) And he wants every last bite. Now. Sometimes I can't shovel it in his mouth fast enough.

I think we have a serious food lover on our hands. He was kind of doomed in that department anyway. I'm sure he'll be a champion snacker, too, like you-know-who.

Snickety Snack II is in the house, people.

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Tanner said...

Baby Snickety Snack! LOVE IT, and what a cutie. xoxoxo