A New Outlook

I'm sitting here on an absolutely gorgeous Florida evening listening to the calls of the birds and the bugs and the rustle of the trees. I'm watching the clouds in the sky turn the same brilliant pink as the gorgeous, fragrant flowers sitting in pots all around me.

And I'm thinking this: If you had asked me six months ago what my number one priority in life was, I likely would have given you a number of cliche answers. "To be happy." "To live life to the fullest." "To have no regrets." All reasonable, I suppose. All very focused on ME.

Ask me today what my number one priority is and I will tell you loudly, confidently, without hesitating, one of these things. "To be a mother." "My son." "My family."

Ask me again in six months or six years and undoubtedly my answer will be the same.

My, how things change.

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