Florida Flowers

On our trip to Florida, I spent quite a bit of time relaxing on Conservative Grandparents' back patio.

 I wasn't just relaxing, however. I was busy plotting two things:
1. How to smuggle Not-So-Conservative Grandmom's flowers back to Illinois.
2. How to smuggle one of Not-So-Conservative Grandmom's green thumbs (or both) back to Illinois with the flowers so I could actually keep them alive.
Once I admitted to myself I probably wouldn't succeed on either front, I decided just to enjoy the flowers while I was there.
And snap a million photos of them to gaze at longingly once I returned home.
I mean, really. Can you blame me? Look at these beauties.
I don't really have a lot more to say, but I want to keep posting photos. So bear with me.
Just one more.
 OK. Maybe not.
 Just a few more, I promise. These are too pretty to share.
 You don't have anything better to do, right? I mean, looking at photos of flowers is pretty much the highlight of your day, I'm sure.
 Oh? It's not. OK. Fine. One more and then I'll let you go. 
See? I didn't lie this time. Bye.

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