Living the Retired Life

Last weekend I spent a few blissful days pretending I was retired with this couple.

Looking at this picture probably leads you to a number of incredibly important questions, such as:

1. Who are they?
2. What are they doing?
3. Are they really old enough to be retired?
4. Why aren't they wearing any clothes?
5. Whose hair is longer?

These questions are all very important and so I will answer them immediately.

1. My Parents.

2. Enjoying an evening boat ride on Lake Oconee with Uncle H, P-Diddy, the Lovely L, and me.

3. Many people would argue they're definitely not old enough to retire but, alas, they did just that not long ago. Go ahead, be envious.

4. Trust me, they are. It may not look like it, but they are both fully (or almost fully) clothed here. My Mom just happens to be wearing a strapless dress and My Dad, although still wearing shorts, decided it was too hot to wear his shirt on the boat. It was not a nude boat ride. I promise.

5. That's a tough one. It may be My Dad. But it's close. This is the first time in the history of life as I remember it that both of My Parents have hair long enough to fit in a ponytail--although it's possible they had matching ponytails sometime in the '70s. But I wasn't around to witness it.

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