The Crib

This is the crib we bought for the baby's room, which we put together this weekend. (I use the term "we" loosely, as some friends actually did most of the work while Conservative Hubby and I watched!)

And that is the sheet that goes on the crib. I picked it because it is bright and cheerful and gender neutral.

Not because we didn't plan on finding out the gender of our little one, but because I wanted something colorful and playful but not too boyish or girlish.

Speaking of boy or girl, we had our 20-week doctor's appointment today. And at that appointment, we spent quite a bit of time getting a peek at our little one's face and brain matter and hands and feet and femur and heart and all sorts of other parts.

The bambino wasn't too cooperative in giving away its gender, however. In other words, there's already signs of a stubborn streak there, so look out world.

But finally--finally!--we got a little peek.

And learned that we are, in fact, having ...

... wait for it ...

... just a moment longer ...

... OK, now ...

... A BOY!

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