Getting Back Into Baking

A couple of weekends ago, while Conservative Hubby was away at a bachelor party, I took advantage of a quiet weekend to finally--finally!--start baking again. I made cookies one night and cake the next.

The cookies I will share with you later.

This is the cake.

It's a whipped cream cake, the recipe for which was sent to me recently by Grandma P. I decided to top it with a no-cook fudge frosting, even though I think I was supposed to use a 7-minute icing.

My Mom and I had been talking cakes one day and she said the whipped cream cake was absolutely amazing. (So amazing, I learned later, that my Grandpa Charlie used to eat it for breakfast. But then again, if you knew Grandpa Charlie and his sweet tooth, that wouldn't surprise you. What sweets didn't he eat for breakfast?)

I decided that I had to try the recipe. Not because I expected to each much of it myself, given my general disinterest in cake, but because I knew Conservative Hubby would probably love it.

The only problem is, our oven is darn finicky. I have it down for cookie baking, but forgot that it would cause problems with cake, too.

So, sadly, because I did not adjust the baking time as I should have, the cake was a bit too dry. That didn't stop Conservative Hubby from eating it, mind you, but it did stop him from swooning over it like I expected he would.

I guess I'll just have to try again one of these days, eh?

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