Hummingbird Watching

On my recent visit to Georgia, I started each morning at My Parents' condo on the lanai (as they have taken to calling the balcony). It was the perfect spot to sit with a decaf mocha and my book--on a few mornings, for hours at a time.

But I didn't spend all my time reading. I also did more than a little bit of hummingbird watching.

The hummingbird feeder is apparently a hotspot for the little flittering creatures.

Except, we learned, when a wasp or hornet (I didn't get close enough to tell which) decided to feed. For some strange reason, that little pest managed to scare away the hummingbirds time and again. (That's him ... the little speck in the photo below. Come on now, use your imagination.)

Finally one of the hummingbirds got brave and said, "Listen, mister. I'm hungry and you're annoying. Now go away."

It didn't work.

But eventually the wasornet, as I will call it, went away and let the hummingbirds feed in peace.

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