Vintage Treasures

I have been a very good girl lately.

I haven't purchased any retro housewares or even stopped at thrift stores in the area to scope out what's new on their shelves.

Then again, I haven't had to, because my vintage cravings were satisfied by an influx of pretty Pyrex dishes after our wedding.

And then, when I thought the wedding gifts were long since gone, one of my lovely friends decided we needed a few more treasures.

The box arrived yesterday and I squealed with delight as I pulled out each item.

First came these adorable salt and pepper shakers, along with a butter dish. Can they be any cuter? I think not.

Even Conservative Hubby is excited about them, because now it means I'll actually let him keep salt and pepper on the table all the time.

Next came this adorable yellow dog. Isn't he sweet, with his floppy ears and big eyes?

Reminds me of another yellow fellow I know. If this photo is any indication, they will become lifelong friends. All of Butter's lifelong friends sniff his backside, and so of course he sniffs yellow dog's backside.

Finally, a little fun for the bar. This set of wooden snack bowls will look darn good downstairs. Then again, they'd also look pretty swell upstairs in our kitchen. I will have to contemplate their placement a bit more.

There's one for pretzels.

And one for snacks (I thought pretzels were snacks, but snacks apparently get a category of their own).

One for nuts, which apparently aren't snacks either.

And they all fit in the last one, which is for potato chips.

Now do you see why I squealed with delight?

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Cara Hall said...

Still have one more dish for you here!