Easter Dinner

Because Conservative Mom and Dad were on their way home from a week down south last Sunday, the Orphaned Conservative Children and their significant others once again made the trip to Q and MB's lovely farmhouse for Easter dinner.

It's a real hardship, I tell you.

But if you saw my posts about Easter Dinner two years ago and last year, you already knew that.

This year, the table was set

and the dishes were served. They included a beautiful ham

which was carved to look like this ...

and was topped with this lovely salsa

plus a plethora of absolutely delicious vegetables, including corn

and peas (with basil—how yummy!)

and lovely carrots

and the most beautiful mashed sweet potatoes

with a pecan topping that was amazinggggg ... (sorry, got wrapped up in imagining those potatoes) ...

plus a cheesy potato dish that did not make the cut because hot melted cheese and my camera do not get along, despite how well hot melted cheese and I get along.

Of course, we also had the dish commonly referred to as Grandma Fran, which is a classic

and another classic dish passed down through Q's family, which looks sort of questionable but actually is pretty good. (Although MB said it's best that we don't know what's included in the recipe.)

We also had this beauty, which I enjoyed immensely but promptly forgot what it was called. This happens when you're in a food-induced haze.

So there you have it. Easter dinner.

Good bye.

Wait? Why? What did I forget?

Oh my. I must still be in that food-induced haze, though it's days later. I almost forgot DESSERT. But, fortunately for all of us present (and unfortunately for our waistlines), MB would never dream of forgetting dessert.

This year we had a lovely, light lemon crepe cake. (And yes, Little Diplomat, I just pronounced crepe properly, just for you.)

And this chocolate creation,

which featured three layers of ridiculously rich chocolate. It was swoon-worthy, to say the least.

And now, for this year's surprise ...

Just kidding. There isn't a surprise this year. Besides, what could top last year, when Kid Sister showed up with one heck of a diamond ring on her finger after T-Bear's stellar Easter egg hunt proposal? It was quite a day.

Speaking of which, the BIG day for those two love birds is just over a month away. Can you believe it?

(Dear Kid Sister: Do not panic. You already knew this. And everything is in great shape so just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Love, Your Sister-in-Law.)

Sorry. I digress. As usual.

Happy belated Easter, from me and this handsome fellow.

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