The Field Museum

Last weekend Conservative Boy had a school board convention in Chicago (go ahead and laugh at the fact he's on the school board; I still do). So I made a quick trip to the big city for some fine dining and a trip to the Field Museum, which I'd never been to but had been dying to go to since, oh, I can remember.

The main reason I wanted to go? So Sue and I could meet again.

And we did.

Sue is the largest T-Rex ever discovered, and she occupies a prime spot in The Field Museum. But prior to taking up residence at the museum, she spent a loooong time in the ground near Faith, South Dakota. And that's where she was the last time I met her: In pieces, as she was being excavated. I was in elementary school at the time and met Sue on a SOAR field trip. And years later, when she appeared at the Field Museum, I knew I had to go see her again. But I didn't have the chance to, until last weekend.

You might laugh when I say this, since she is the largest T-Rex ever discovered, but I thought Sue would be bigger. I guess those massive bones seemed a lot larger when I was in, oh, fourth grade or whenever it was that we last met.

But she is pretty massive, isn't she?

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