A Brief Celebration

I am not going to gloat. I promise. I said to myself long before Nov. 4 rolled around that should the outcome that seemed likely actually occur (because you really can never tell when it comes to these things, as anyone who has a memory that last oh, the last eight years or so, can attest), I would not gloat.

And so I won't.


I do have to say, I'm excited. Very excited. I'm not trying to be cliche, although this is cliche because "change" became the buzzword for the campaign, but change is good. Very good. And I'm ready for it.

Even if I do live in a town where the majority of the population wanted a change of face, perhaps, but not a change of party.

Even if I live in a town where, despite the fact Obama easily carried the state, I still voted in a room full of Republicans.

Even if I live in a house where Conservative Boy only finally today stopped pouting and sighing and making comments about he needs to move to Mexico or else quit his job because we're going to become socialists and Uncle Barack will take care of us. (Don't look so aghast. I could not make that up. He really said that.)

Even if I know I'm not going to stop hearing about how terrible the Democrats are for at least the next 4 years.

I don't care. It's worth it.

(And the houseful of liberal women I will be hosting in approximately 24 hours will back me up on that. Watch out, L-town. I'm about to double the Democratic population.)


Laura said...

Double... more like Democrats of L-town times five. I'm going to hide Obama stuff in the man cave.

Jason said...

"Change is good"

Uh, not self-evidently so. If I shat my pants, that would certainly be a change, but not a good one. Every dictator ever has run on "change" or, more commonly, "revolution." Hell, in Cuba the "revolution" has become the oppressive status quo. Revolutions can, of course, be for the better (America, fuck yeah!), but please, don't fall into suck sloppy and sophomoric lapses of logic.

Julie said...

Ooh, Obama stuff in the man cave. Good idea! I'm in.

Julie said...

And I was trying so hard not to alienate the Republican masses (because for some strange reason the majority of my readers are some form of conservative I think). But I knew anything I said wouldn't work for you.

Come on now though, you have to admit the Republicans did it to themselves.

(The can of worms has been opened.)

Julie said...

By the way, love the alliteration of "suck sloppy and sophomoric lapses of logic." It really rolls off the tongue, even though I could care less for the content. ;)

Jason said...

I know the GOP did it to itself, but that doesn't change my point. Perhaps there's a reason you could care less (as opposed to couldn't), because I was right about what I actually said: Change is not intrinsically good.

Yes, I am being pedantic, thank you for noticing. And for appreciating the (unplanned) alliteration. If I was trying I could have worked "lazy" in there as well, but that wouldn't have been very nice, would it?