Two Months

The little guy turned two months old yesterday. We celebrated by giving him a slew of shots.

No, silly, I'm not talking tequila and Jäger and such. I'm talking Polio and Diphtheria and the like. Whee!

He was a trooper though.

It's absolutely amazing to see how much Collin has grown and changed every day of the past two months.

He's bigger and stronger. He looks at the world with bright, inquisitive eyes. He smiles and coos and has ticklish little feet. He holds his head up and even tries to stand up. He is quiet as can be when we take him out to dinner and enjoys watching a good basketball game. He's finally starting to look with curiosity at his friend Butter.

And miracle of all miracles ... He's finally (finally!) starting to sleep.

I can't even imagine what amazing changes we'll see in him in the next two months ...

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