A Baby Photo Shoot

Right about the time Collin turned three weeks old, we made an appointment for a newborn photography session.

It was an anniversary gift from Conservative Hubby (yes, in the midst of baby madness, we celebrated our second anniversary), and just in time for us to have some photos for the holidays.

I guess you're supposed to do these things within the first week or two, when the newborn is still sleepy and pliable and will basically let you do whatever you want because they're not quite alert yet.

We missed that window, so we spent an hour and 20 minutes convincing wide awake Collin not to get too angry at us for stripping him down, putting different hats on, and posing him.

Oh, and catching him when he decided to bail off the football.

Fortunately, she kept the room nice and hot so he didn't mind hanging out sans clothes.

He did pretty well, considering what we asked of him, and we ended up with some terrific, wide-awake photos, plus a few sweet shots that look like he was sleeping (though he definitely wasn't).

I'll let you pick your own favorites. This one may or may not be mine.

All of the snapshots you're seeing here were taken by Roni B Photography here in L-Town, in case you're wondering.

She did a terrific job!

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