Westin, Maui-Style

We loved the Westin hotel we stayed at in Honolulu (which, Conservative Hubby reminded me, is actually called the Moana Surfrider).

It had fabulous views, great architectural character in the main areas, that beautiful banyan tree filling the courtyard. The rooms were spacious and very nice and everyone we met, whether at work or on vacation, was so darn friendly.

Sounds like a lot to beat, doesn't it?

And then we arrived at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa, and we realized that if this place didn't beat the Moana Surfrider, it at least came in tied for first with it. (Although, for the record, Conservative Hubby will say it won hands-down, I'm pretty sure.)

There were ponds--with real, live flamingos!

And waterfalls.

There were pools and pools and more pools (five to be exact) ...

spilling over into one another and overlooking fabulous ocean views.

Of course, we even found a few island touches here and there.

Oh, yeah. And the views from our room?

They weren't half bad either.

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Anonymous said...

Keep posting about Hawaii. The pictures and commentary are great.