Snow Days

Two days of blizzard warnings and high winds and snow this week resulted in two snow days for me.

It has been a pretty nice arrangement, actually. I spent both mornings chugging through my work to-do list, since I brought my work home with me in preparation for the bad weather. But because I wasn't required to work on my snow days, I've also had time to do a bit of freelance work and some cleaning and some baking and even some packing for a certain trip Conservative Hubby and I are taking very soon.

I must make it known, however, that Butter hasn't enjoyed the snow days quite as I much as I have. He normally loves to go outside and play in the snow, but he's smart enough to know that he'd rather be inside when the wind is howling and his chain is buried under the snow that has drifted against our back door.

Plus, for a good portion of yesterday afternoon and evening, Butter's window was so covered in snow that he couldn't sit there and keep an eye on things like he normally does.

This didn't stop him from trying, though. Every once in a while last night we'd find him sitting at the window, often for minutes at a time, staring at absolutely nothing but the white stuff stuck on the glass and his reflection.

Now the high winds and the snow have stopped and it's time to get un-buried.

(A friendly someone came by and snow-blowed our driveway and sidewalks just as we were getting up this morning, which made my day a whole lot nicer, by the way.)

If you got snowed in too, I hope you're staying warm and safe today!

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