The Bathroom Remodel (Part 3)

My apologies for the delay in bringing you the next installment of the basement bathroom remodel series, but sadly there hasn't been much to report as of late.

T-Bear did a terrific job with the grout on the floor and in the shower.

Then Conservative Hubby sealed the tile.

James K. stopped by and returned the toilet to its rightful position and installed the new showerhead and handle.

But that's all that's been done since the major bathroom remodel weekend.

That means there's still ceiling sanding and priming and painting to be done. The back wall needs painted, too.

We need to put in a new drain in the shower and install the new vanity and sink.

There's a mirror to go on the wall and a light fixture that needs hooked up to the ceiling.

But none of this is going to happen for at least the next couple of weeks. So we're just making do with the mess in the basement for the time being.

Fortunately it's a little tidier than in this photo (though not much).

And the tile cutting mess has been cleaned up.

Thank goodness.

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