Letting Butter Talk (Part 6)

Hi guys. Have you missed me? Julie has been too busy to let me chat with you lately, but I finally convinced her that I really, really, really needed to say hello. So here I am.

You know, I have been pretty busy lately too if I do say so myself. For one thing, I have decided that the mail man is absolutely, positively, 100 percent a threat to my domain. So at about 8:30 a.m. every morning I wear myself out barking at him and trying to get through the big front window at him. He's lucky there's glass between us because man, I hate it when strangers come up on my front porch.

In addition, I have been very busy destroying this rope toy. Julie took it away from me this weekend, which I'm a little sad about. She said I had to stop playing with it because I destroyed it and it was too slobbery. Too slobbery? Ha. There's no such thing.

Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

But back to my schedule. It is packed. I mean, I have to take two to three walks every day. And pee on as many things as I possibly can along the way.

I also have to check on Julie throughout the day to make sure she is actually working.

Then when Conservative Boy comes home at night I have to spend at least two hours sitting beside him on the couch in the basement so he can pet me. It's really tough work. But somebody has to do it.

And I have to eat, of course. That is very important because I am a growing boy.

Apparently, I am pretty big. I hear that I weigh about 100 pounds now. When Julie walks me everyone comments on how big I am. I don't really think I'm that big. I mean, I'm just a little puppy. In fact, it puzzles me when people are alarmed at how big I have gotten. What's the big deal?

I'm still small enough to sit on Julie's lap (or, at least I try) when she pets me. So I can't be that big!

Anyway. I have to go now. Conservative Boy is going to wake up in a minute and I have to be ready to follow him around all morning while he prepares for work. It's my job. Like I said, I'm busy.

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