Celebrating Easter

The Easter Bunny visited our house this year and left a little something for baby boy.

He must have heard that a certain drooling someone is always looking for new treasures to chew on, so he left the famous French Sophie the Giraffe chew toy for our little guy. And he knew how much Collin already loves reading, so he left a couple of board books too, including "The Runaway Bunny," which was one of my favorites as a child. (The Easter Bunny may have had a little help from Collin's Mimi and Papa on that one.)

After a relaxing morning filled with plenty of play time, we headed to Q and MB's for Easter dinner.

Collin and his father were color coordinated for the occasion.
Come to think of it, Collin and his mommy were too, although you can't really tell from this photo.
No Easter would be complete without MB's fabulous cooking.
We had a most delicious spread, as usual.
I did not photograph everything, though, because Conservative Hubby told me like I was acting like an overzealous tourist. So sorry.
And then the Easter Bunny visited again and left treasures not only for Collin ...
But also for Conservative Hubby and I.
... I think this Easter Bunny fellow went a little bit overboard and is way too generous.

I hope your Easter was filled with family and faith and fun and (hopefully some good food too)!

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