Baby and Butter

For the first months of baby boy's life, Butter was rather disinterested in the new addition to our household. He didn't really greet our little guy or watch him or pay much attention to him at all besides an occasional, tentative sniff.

In the past couple of weeks, however, as Collin has gotten more active and aware and talkative (more like a real little person, I guess you could say), Butter's interest in him has increased. Sometimes, in the morning, when Collin is still asleep, Butter will push open the door and go in to check on him. And when we're playing in the living room, Butter won't get in the way, but he always seems to be nearby. (Nonchalantly chewing on his bone, of course, as if to underscore he doesn't really care, even though he'll spend more time looking over at the baby than looking at his bone.)

It works both ways, too. Collin hears Butter's collars jingling and will look over to see what the big furry dog is up to. He'll watch in fascination when Butter runs hot laps around the couch. And he enjoys sitting next to his dog in the front window and watching the world go by.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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