The piles of recycling that normally take over our garage have become much more manageable lately, and for this I am grateful.

You see, the local recycling hauler who previously only accepted cans and paper now takes most types of plastic, too.

And the Green Business Network of Springfield (I'm a board member of the organization) recently helped launch a new business in the city that accepts, among many other things, glass and cardboard. This has dramatically cut down on the amount of recycling piled up in our garage, as long as I remember to drop things off in Springfield regularly.

There's someone in our house who's even more grateful than me.

No, it's not this character, though as you can see he gets rather excited about recycling, too.

It's Conservative Hubby, who threatened with regularity to either (a) put all my recycling out with the garbage or (b) see if there were any openings on the TV show "Hoarders" for me.

It really wasn't that bad, I promise.

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