4 Months

Today the little man is officially 4 months old. As we did on the 2-month anniversary of his birth, we celebrated with a trip to the doctor.

Collin was as chipper as he could be—smiling and "talking" and wiggling and laughing while he laid around in diaper and got poked and prodded and examined. He cried out when he got his shots, of course, but by the time the Sponge Bob band-aids were on he was smiling at the nurses again.

He's a healthy boy and, although he's a little guy (11 pounds, 13 ounces and 24 1/4 inches), his growth over the past two months has been good.

Last night before Conservative Family Dinner, we examined photos of Conservative Hubby when he was a baby. (While we looked at photos, Collin played in the swing he has at Grandmom and Granddad's house.)

You can definitely see the resemblance between Conservative Hubby and Collin—once you look past the fat rolls and three chins Conservative Hubby had at Collin's age. (In this photo, Collin did his best impression of his dad's chins.)

T-Bear (who was in town with Kid Sister for the weekend) decided we should start calling Conservative Hubby "Tank" after seeing the baby photos. I wish I would've brought one home to scan and post for you so you could see the little chunk!

I intended to take a photo of Collin in the chair he's sitting in above each month. But I failed miserably. The photo above was from this morning; this one is from Thanksgiving (so less than a week after Collin was born). In between, you'll just have to use your imagination.

 Or I guess you could look at all of my previous blog posts. There's an idea.

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