Sweet Apple Triangles

I made these sweet apple triangles one day last week while little man snoozed away in his swing.

As usual, this distracted momma didn't quite get things right. In this instance, I made three key mistakes:

1. I used unsweetened applesauce, so my apple triangles weren't all that sweet. They weren't bad with the unsweetened version, but they didn't have quite enough sugar.

2. I didn't keep the phyllo pastry damp enough, so it got a little difficult to work with at the end.

3. I didn't eat all of the sweet apple triangles the same day I made them.

That last one might seem like a typo. You're probably thinking, "Um, Julie? Isn't it a good thing that you didn't eat the entire batch in one day?"

I guess. If you're into healthy eating and moderation and all. But these little guys got awfully soggy by the next day, which is why I've come to the conclusion they're best eaten the day they're made. And so by not eating all of the sweet apple triangles the day I made them, I made mistake number three.

If you want a fun little sweet treat, though. I'd recommend making these babies. Just make sure you take note of my mistakes.

Interested in the recipe? You can find it over at Oh Joy! by clicking here.

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