A Succulent Obsession

I love succulents, even though the only one I've ever had is the aloe plant sitting by our kitchen sink.

Whenever I see the petite, unique varieties in the houses featured in Sunset or on blog posts, I am enamored with them and dream of positioning them throughout our house.

The thing is, you don't see many succulents for sale in central Illinois.

But in California, it's another story.

They're everywhere—in the windows of little shops, on the tables in restaurants, on the counter of coffee shops.

Even in My Sister's apartment. A handful of varieties in big pots or a single one in a small container. In soil. In water. You name it.

Each one with its own personality, its own style.

I've decided I'm going to seek them out. If the greenhouses don't have them, I'll try to order some online.

And if that doesn't work? Well, then I guess I'll just have to go back to California and bring some cuttings home with me.

Boy, that sure would stink if I had to do that.


Cara Hall said...

There's a vendor at the Des Moines farmers market that sells succulents. I have to restrain myself every time I pass by!

Brianne said...

I thought you'd like these: http://www.zgallerie.com/pc-2719-10-succulent-candle.aspx (On sale!)

Julie said...

Ooh, Cara, I only wish there were succulents at our little farmer's market. Maybe I'll have to settle for the adorable succulent candles instead, Brianne. They are pretty cute!

Creative Overflow said...

I brought a bunch of succulents home from CA last time I visited becca, so far their surviving in IA!