Fancy Food

When traveling, food is important.

It's an incredibly obvious statement, I know. We all require food whether we are traveling or not. What I mean is that when I'm traveling, a key component of any trip is the food. Dining on those local specialties you can't get anywhere else, exploring new restaurants ... all of this is what makes a travel adventure so wonderful in my book.

I'm sure this comes as a big surprise to you. Julie cares about food? No way. We never would have guessed that.

In California, the food was fresh and simple and oh so delicious. We dined on tasty little bites like this.

And had fish tacos on the beach.

Another day, we had lunch at a place called Cha Cha Chicken, with incredibly delicious fried plantains and beans and rice and spicy meats.

And we spent way too long eating to-die-for tapas, in a dark intimate restaurant where I didn't bother to snap many photos because I was too busy focusing on the tasty morsels in front of us.

We even made a stop at the farmer's market, where the selection was overwhelming. My Mom shared a bit of her amazing goat cheese and sundried tomato tamale.

And I shared a bit of my chocolate croissant, which was so good I was tempted to go eat another one on the spot.

It doesn't get any better than that, does it?

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