A Water Story

Almost two years ago (ack! have I been blogging that long?), I suggested you check out The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard. It's a quick, 20-minute video about—yep, you guessed it—stuff.

Now, just in time for World Water Day (which was yesterday), Ms. Leonard is back with another video. This one: The Story of Bottled Water. It's only 7 minutes—the perfect length for an afternoon procrastination session.

I find these videos delightfully entertaining and informative, which is a good thing considering I'm in charge of discussing The Story of Stuff in my night class tonight. (By the way, Leonard just released a book on the same subject. I'm hoping to get my hands on a copy soon.)

In other news, L-Town had a boil order yesterday. Few things generate appreciation of World Water Day quite like having to boil any water you use for drinking, hand-washing, and tooth-brushing.

Fortunately, the order was lifted this morning so we can go back to using water from our faucets with regular abandon. Perhaps it served as a reminder to some of us that water is an incredibly precious resource we should work to protect.

Or perhaps not.

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