Sharing My Favorite Cupboard

I just looked back at my blog archives and discovered that it has been roughly 5 months since I have shown you any photos of Pyrex, aside from a few glimpses with my cooking posts here and there.

This is an abomination if ever I saw one.

Lucky for you, I happened to snap a few pictures of my Pyrex the other day. Not individual pieces mind you, but a whole cupboard full.

That's because, after some kitchen purging and reorganizing, I actually made space to store most of my Pyrex dishes together in one spot. I still have one dish on display atop the fridge and a set of bowls that I use regularly for baking in a different cupboard, but otherwise all of my treasured vintage dishes are in one place. (Though you can't see some of the smaller ones that are nesting in bigger bowls.)

And oh boy, aren't they lovely? And colorful?

Now don't you see why I've been yearning for open shelves on which to display them? It's retro heaven, I tell you. Retro heaven.


Jessica said...

Your collection is amazing. That cupboard would make me smile every time I opened it!

Julie said...

Oh yes, it definitely makes me smile. Sometimes I open that cupboard even though I have no reason to. :)