The Pumpkin Patch

Remember back in October when we made our annual pilgrimage to Gail's Pumpkin Patch?

Oh, right. Why would you remember it, when I never remembered to tell you about it? Oops.

I suppose it's OK to go ahead and update you now, despite the fact I'm delinquent. Our pumpkins are still sitting out front so it's acceptable to write about them, right? (Besides, the pumpkins aren't carved, so technically now they're a Thanksgiving decoration ... er, at least I hope. But I guess maybe the Halloween ghost next to them needs to go.) Anyhow. As usual, I digress.

This trip to the pumpkin patch was particularly special because it was Little Man's first visit. He had a great time, as you can see. There was plenty of posing to do. Plus rocks to pick up and (attempt to) eat. And swings to try out.

Of course, we picked out our pumpkins, too.

Little Man found a gourd he was particularly fond of. Mostly he just wanted to slobber on it. Fortunately, the gourd didn't seem to mind.

All of these seasonal adventures are so much more fun when you're with a little one who thinks everything is so interesting and exciting and drool-worthy.

Unfortunately, we didn't do much Halloween celebrating around here because Little Man was sick, sick, sick. But next up is Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know I can't wait.

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