Easter, Revisited

A week later, I'm finally getting around to an annual Easter tradition: Sharing photos of our fabulous dinner at Q and MB's farmhouse.

First, it's necessary to set the mood with the decor.

Because it's Easter, naturally the setting involves tulips and bunny rabbits.

Egg-shaped dishes and carrot napkin rings.

Lovely centerpieces.

Even the food itself looked like decorative objects. From the butter mold.

To the stunning cauliflower. (I normally don't even eat cauliflower, but isn't this beautiful? It was tasty, too.)

I wish I could tell you I took photos of all the fabulous food--including what may have been the most gorgeous ham ever, sweet potatoes and cheesy mashed potatoes, delicious side dishes galore, I could go on ... But I didn't. I got too distracted eating all that food. Really, can you blame me?

I did, however, remember my camera once the desserts came out.

They were, as usual, stunning and decadent and over the top.

So much so that we wondered yet again why we ate so much of the main course.

(Oh yes, I remember why: Because it was fabulous too.)

The one thing my photos fail to convey is that we had wonderful company to go along with the fine food and drink. This, you will just have to take my word on. Because, as usual, it was wonderful.

And, like two years ago when we celebrated Kid Sister and T-Bear's engagement, this year we also had some good things to celebrate. These good things I will share with you later. Just because I can.

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