Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

Unlike their friends the daffodils, the tulips in the front yard don't think it's absolutely necessary to be among the first flowers to bloom each spring.

Sure, they're excited to make an appearance and to open toward the warm April sun. But they're going to wait until they're good and ready to do so.

Good and ready happened to be, for the most part, last week.

This also happened to be when the rain showers and thunderstorms and tornado warnings settled in. So today was my first opportunity to snap some photos of the trembling tulips as they danced in the breeze.

Most of the tulips in our front yard were planted long before we arrived in our house. They were a pleasant surprise our first spring.

This year, however, I supplemented those tulips with a few bulbs of my own.

Once they bloomed, I realized just how different these bulbs are from the ones that came before.

A little variety is kind of nice, isn't it?

Butter thinks so too.

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