A Food Update

You may have noticed that a lot of my blog posts focus on food--food I make at home, food I eat when we go out, food, food, food.

Yet you may also have noticed that my blog posts about Hawaii have not focused very much, if at all, on food.

It's not that we didn't have good food. We had some great food, actually. Fresh fish for almost every meal. The most amazing, mouth-watering pineapple. Great local brews.

But the thing is, with such amazing scenery, I didn't bother focusing on my usual food photos. I was too distracted by the blue skies and the ocean and the green foliage that surrounded us everywhere we went.

However, I will share with you the few photos I did snap.

Of my first delicious mai tai in Waikiki. (I had at least one tasty yet very overpriced cocktail each day before switching to not much more affordable wine or beer.)

Of the Elvis Fudge (think peanut butter, milk chocolate fudge, and guava jelly) we had at Rum Fire at Sheraton Waikiki, which made us swoon.

Of our exceptionally expensive room-service breakfast on our last morning in Waikiki.

Of the wonderful treats--an incredibly pleasant surprise!--we found waiting for us at each hotel we stayed at on our trip.

Of the fare at the luau.

And, though it's not a food photo, a snapshot of Tropica, the restaurant at our hotel (directly below our room) where we had a fabulous meal on our last night in Maui.

As for the rest of our dining escapades while in Hawaii? I'm leaving that up to your imagination.

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