Getting Ready for Wyoming

Dear friends:

I love you, I really do. But I am going to abandon you for a few days. You see, I'm frantically trying to get work and homework done so I can get on to important things like packing and heading to Wyoming.

It's time to celebrate our wedding Wyoming-style, so Conservative Hubby and I are leaving one snowy destination for another for a few days. Keep your fingers crossed the winter weather doesn't hinder anyone's travels.

(Go ahead and ask why we wouldn't celebrate somewhere warm in February. You won't be the first.)

I'll be back soon with updates on all the debauchery, a few snowy Wyoming photos, and plenty more. In the meantime, stay warm and safe.

1 comment:

Jason said...

Somewhere warm is crowded this time of year, whereas in Wyoming I expect to see fewer people all weekend than pissed me off on the way home from work.